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This new process infuses silver Nanoparticles evenly within the intercicies of our cables that are constructed using our Proprietary Silverfuse metal conductors.

The particles are microscopic; (one thousand-millionth of a meter). Excerpt from Recently; silver nanoparticles have found applications in catalysis, optics, ELECTRONICS and other areas due to their unique size-dependent optical, electrical and magnetic properties. Currently most of the applications of silver nanoparticles are in antibacterial/antifungal agents in biotechnology, bioengineering, textile engineering, water treatment, and SILVER-BASED BASED CONSUMER PRODUCTS .

Learning how to utilize Silver Nanoparticles required time consuming extensive, and expensive experimentation to develop this cable.Developing a method to migrate the microscopic Silver Nanoparticles from a liquid (colloidal suspension) evenly to wire in a uniform manner so that particles per millimeter of wire were consistent and dispersed uniformly was especially complex and expensive. Maintaining this uniformity is critical to ensure proper utilization of the Silver Nano particles principles of our proprietary process. - Now used in all our top of the line products.

The improvement this process makes is dramatic; producing astonishing results. These Cables will deliver sound and picture brilliantly and accurately! It produces vivid, clear, and brilliant colors, high contrast, and a high bandwidth, stable picture! To find those of our wire products using this new process, Click on Wire and Cables on the navigation panel at the top of the page; then click the panel to the left to select any wire category; and product of interest.