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Audio Grade Duplex Wall Outlet - 15 to 20 amp

Audio Grade Duplex Wall Outlet - 15 to 20 amp High Quality Outlet that Makes a Significant Difference

If you have already purchased any of our power cords (or someone else’s) then do not scrimp on the wall duplex outlet. To get the full benefit of an outstanding power cord we strongly recommend that you replace the wall outlet with this high end audio/video grade outlet.

There are two receptacle ports which can be easily separated to allow for each to have a dedicated feed. That way one can be used for your digital equipment and the other for analog equipment. You may know that digital equipment can cause distortion when connected to the same circuit as analog equipment. This kind of hook up is optional. It can, of course, be connected like any standard outlet, for one circuit only.

There are others being offered, for less money, that advertise having a "steel trap" grip of the cord. While ours also has a "steel trap" grip, what is most important is the effect on the sound and picture. There are also others being offered for considerably more money. The more expensive ones advertise that the contacts have two plating layers - gold and nickel. We do not agree with double plating with two different metals. It is well known in high-end circles that doing so compromises the performance. Probably, it is done to impress with the fact that this double plating; especially the gold some how gives the best results. As we say, however, it is also well known, that direct plating with one metal only is best.

The purpose of plating is to slow down corrosion. All plating, even gold and nickel will slowly corrode. Gold does not corrode noticeably slower than nickel. So, in effect the gold plating is unnecessary and only adds to the cost. Consequently, we use only nickel plating with no gold on top of it; which, of course allows us to keep our selling price lower. The nickel plating is of a generous thickness to prevent corrosion.

This High End outlet improves imaging and gives a dead quiet noise background. Bass is tight and firm. The top end and mid range will provide more air and transparency. Does it also improve the video presentation? Customers have reported back that it noticeably improves the presentation by providing more contrast, more definition, a crisper and sharper image.

All high end outlets have their own sound characteristics; but ours, we have found, and customers tell, us ours sounds best.

It will accept both 120 volt plugs and 240 volt plugs and will carry as much as 20 amps of current. You will really notice the difference in audio performace. It is also returnable, under our 45 day trial period, if you do not find significant improvement.

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