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RCA-  L Locking Male RCA Connector
This is an excellent locking RCA connector. It has a Teflon insulator and accepts cable diameters up to 8mm (5/16"). Many RCA connectors are stamped out of sheet metal, are not rigid and will resonate from vibrations. Ours are rigid, machined from a solid billet, and they lock to provide for the best electrical connection. Ours looks very much like a locking connectors offered by another manufacturer at substantially higher price. However all of those we have seen by them are made of brass with gold plating on top. Brass is not a very good conductor of electricity and consequently there is a performance sacrifice. Brass is comprised of only 67% copper. Ours are made of an alloy that is 90% copper, 10% tin and then plated with gold. (One hundred percent copper would be too soft for this purpose). The ten percent of zinc we add to our alloy gives it the required strength and hardness. Because it is mainly copper, it conducts electricity far better than those of our competitors. It is more costly to produce, but it is truly a premium connector. There is no other better locking connector; yet we price ours far below a similar looking ones offered by another manufacturer.

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