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SL-1 Universal Spade Lug - for Speaker Cables

SL-1  Universal Spade Lug - for Speaker Cables Our best spade - Universal - fits posts 4/16" to 5/16" (6mm to 8mm)

This universal spade lug is made using solid high purity Bronze that has been plated with gold. It is our best made spade lug. We used to use copper plated with gold however recent tests are showing that Bronze provides better performance. We are not sure why; we are investigated this further.

It will accept wire sizes up to 8 gauge. If your are using thinner wire, simply double it over and insert it before soldering. We also include two colors of heat shrink tubing to cover the wire insertion ends.

These spades are Universal; they fit posts from 4/16" to 5/16" (6 millimeters to 8 millimeters), which accommodates virtually all speakers and amps.

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